Gay porn between Leo Giamani and Rafael Alencar

April 12th, 2014

Men dot com just release a new series called “Suite 33″. This is going to be an awesome series thanks to the high tech photography, film work, and wonderful background music they have added. The chemistry between the two studs comes across the scene in waves, you feel it and you want to join in. The scene opens with veteran star Rafael Alencar ( ) telling us about Suite 33. He has some fond memories of this room and is happy to share them. Rafael turns around and there on the bed is a hot haired young stud sprawled across the expensive sheets. The deeply tanned Leo Giamani, showing off his glorious muscles, and a large bulge hiding within his sexy undies, heightens the eroticism of the whole scene. You feel it and Rafael definitely feels it. Wearing only black underwear himself, Rafael joins Leo on the bed and the guys get right into feeling each other through the tiny bit of clothes they are wearing. Rafael enjoys exploring every inch of Leo’s hot body.It is so erotically enticing to watch a hairy guy and a hairless guy go down on each other. Smooth on hairy, hairy on smooth and these two guys go at it. Rafael finds Leo’s smooth ass to be more than suitable and rims him before giving him a tongue lashing like he has never had, before he slowly and seductively gives Leo all of his thick, hard eight and a half inch cock. Leo takes it all.These guys enjoy each other in various positions, and ends up with Leo on his back getting pumped until he cums. Rafael, jerking off, follows soon after as his jizz flies everywhere. The two guys kiss and then clam…… and we are left wondering just what Suite 33 is all about. Is this just some backstage room in some sleazy club? Is it a room in a posh hotel? The expensive sheets tell one story, while the half painted walls scream “low class”. Then one of our studs turns towards the camera and lets us know there is more of this action to cum. I can’t wait. Click here to check out Leo Giamani homepage

Men dot com brings out gay pornstar Colby Jansen and sexy stud Topher Dimaggio

April 11th, 2014

Rugby is a popular sport in the UK. With the hunky men that play this sport it just got a lot more interesting. This sport was invented in the English public school system. Legend states during a soccer game a student picked up and ball and ran with it starting the game of rugby. Now all the hot looking men are grabbing each other’s jockstraps and getting filthy in the scrum.
Colby Jansen ( ) and Topher Dimaggio from Men dot com are giving this game so much needed excitement. The game has just ended and the men are heading to the showers. Colby and Topher hit the showers together. Colby decides this is the best time to give Topher some tips about the game. He shows he exactly where a man should be grabbed during a flying tackle. Topher realizes that Colby hand are around his tight butt. Colby then inserts his finger in the tight hold showing Topher how to get right in there.
Topher is already hard and Colby wastes no time going down on him. He starts sucking Topher like he was never sucked before. Topher has an 8 inch cock that is no gentle on Colby’s tender throat. The men switch positions and Topher puts Colby’s hard cock into his mouth. Only keeping their rugby socks on this heat up. Topher makes his way to Colby’s sweet ass. He slaps it , rums in, and fucks it knowing that Colby is able to take the punishment. Colby is loving ever minutes of it as he gets fucked hard.
Colby sits down over Topher’s cock and starts to bounce up and down. His muscular body is dominating the small from of Topher’s. Colby lays on his back on the floor and the game clock is running down. While being fucked from underneath both men get to cum. Topher lets himself go all over Colby’s tight ass.
Getting his own balls cleaned out may make Topher a better rugby player. If not the game was sure fun to watch. Click Here To Watch More Porn With Topher Dimaggio